Secretary Desk

Rishi Aurobindo believed, “Every individual are potentially Devine”. The educational concerns of our institution reflect a broad concern for human and the welfare of the society as a whole, expressed in an academic focus on overall development of human resources. It is our students who do most create the character and atmosphere of the institution. Our College caters the need of the society giving equal opportunities to all student coming from economically and socially backward strata of the society. Our institution has been keeping pace with the technological development. We are trying our level best to develop our College to the highest level of excellence. I am a happy person as Teaching as well as Non-Teaching Staff and Students are rendering there wholehearted support and corporation to making the college the Center of Excellence. Buy such a company of talented Teachers and disciplined students, I hope that our vision would materialise as we are successfully braving all the difficulties. Any suggestion from any corner will be highly appreciated for the development of the academic temple in particular, and the society, in general.